"The night cometh, when no man can work." John 9:4                                

The  Final  Warning

Welcome to the Final Warning Website.  If you're a Seventh-day Adventist and new to this web site then feel free to peruse the Bible studies on different topics like Who are the 144,000?, The Judgment, Who really is the 666?, Are prohecies conditional?, Who really is Israel?, etc. There's also a  three part Bible and Health study that prepares you to to enlighten others in regards to Biblical Health. To be aware of immediate end time events take a look at the WW III and the Middle East Conflict link.  These are events that will pave the way for the NWO(New World Order), when 'Babylon the great' Rev. 17:5, that International Religious, Political, Economic Federation, sits upon the Scarlet colored beast, rules the world once more.

Take time to read through a very  important fact finding report known as What you need to Know About Adventists, E.G.W., and The Bible. It clearly shows how some have limited the Bible by misusing Ellen White's writings and making the church's pioneers into gods. It also shows how Ellen White and the pioneers in the 1890's were not the same as the Ellen White and the Pioneers in the 1840's and 1850's.  Any one who reads this document will see indisputable quotes from the sources that some have had a certain serious misunderstanding about Ellen White and the pioneers.

Ellen White made a statement in 1900 that "The light we have received upon the third angel's message is the true light. The mark of the beast is exactly what it has been proclaimed to be. Not all in regard to this matter is yet understood, nor will it be understood until the unrolling of the scroll." Testimonies For The Church Volume 6 page 17. Has the scroll unrolled for you? Or are you still walking in the old partial understanding? To be able to stand and properly answer the critics of Adventism and to be prepared for final events you need carefully review the material on this site and contact us for Present Truth materials and referrals. Otherwise, you will find yourself not really knowing the three angel's message, key fundamentals, and final last day events.

Based upon the above statement it becomes clearer why our track record in relation to end time events is not as good as we would like to think. This is found in the following link Our Track Record. If you like our audio studies you can order the entire CD pack for $60, send an email request. We would like to add that the basic fundamentals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has met the test of Biblical investigation.  The problem has been with some of our views outside of these fundamentals, views on final last day events, views that walk over prophecies made by God in the Old Testament that does not fit the mainstream version of Adventism, and the bad habit of taking one part of the Bible and throwing out the other.

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